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I Om You is a place to support sanghas and the artists within them with eCommerce infrastructure and a community of like-minded seekers. We’re starting with our own, and bringing more people together as we grow.
So, take a look around to see why we Om everyone here.

Deva and Greg, the founders of I Om You became friends many years ago, through a mutual place of work and intertwining spiritual paths. I Om You was born out of this friendship, combining Deva’s intimate understanding of what’s needed in spiritual life, Greg’s catalyzing effect, and a mutual will to see it manifest.

?We Om You


The Harmony Collective

Deva Madhava Dasa

Deva Madhava Das is the Community Director of The Harmony Collective, a Bhakti community in Ypsilanti, MI, and travels the world in service to Krishna. Deva has learned too many skills to count as he’s grown this community, and is a consummate connector, meaning he knows who and what should go together, how to make that happen, and makes it a lovely conversation the whole way through.

He also works for TRUiC, The Really Useful Information Company as a helpful guide to all those who need him.


Soto Zen Buddhism

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson recently took up the path of Soto Zen Buddhism, and is getting familiar with Zazen, the practice of just sitting. Greg has worked for many years to develop his skills as some have coined a “catalyst.” Bringing a battle-tested approach to business problem solving and many skills in online marketing, SEO, technical problem solving and content to bear at companies like The Really Useful Information Company.

In addition to helping build I Om You, Greg is currently learning how to enlighten the world, literally and figuratively, through LEDs at Bluecolt Lighting.

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